World Shaping Wealth


What is World Shaping Wealth? Read our summary of the impact UHNW individuals want to have, what is motivating them and the actions they are taking to achieve their goals.

Our study reinforces the idea that the world’s wealthiest families are ready and willing to help find solutions to the most pressing challenges dominating news agendas around the world.

It's clear from our study that UHNW individuals want to direct their wealth to create a thriving society, but what's motivating them to use their wealth to tackle these global issues?

We've established where UHNW individuals are channelling their wealth and why, but how will they meet those goals?

What did we learn through our study? Read our thoughts on what the future of private wealth looks like and how UHNW individuals will need support.

Find out more about our holistic service that addresses our clients' business, investment and personal needs, helping them to grow, protect and transfer their wealth.

Learn more about the characteristics of today's UHNW population.

A look at the market data in detail.

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