World Shaping Wealth



Private wealth has shaped society for centuries. Jacob Fugger, arguably the richest man who ever lived, created the Fuggerei in Germany, the world's first affordable housing project. In Victorian England, Angela Burdett-Coutts worked with Charles Dickens to address poverty. In the early 1900s Andrew Carnegie donated vast sums to fund public institutions in the UK and the US. And over the past few years high-profile individuals such as Dolly Parton and Marcus Rashford have used their wealth to tackle societal issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and child food poverty.

But the challenges we face have grown. We live in a world more connected and efficient than ever before, yet face a climate emergency, growing inequality, and continued healthcare and economic uncertainty. How can private capital be deployed to tackle these challenges?

In this in-depth global study we explore the impact that UHNW individuals want to have in the future. We look at what's motivating them, how they plan to achieve their goals and the challenges they must tackle to protect and use their wealth for the benefit of all.

Key findings

UHNW individuals feel a responsibility to make the world a better place and want to use their wealth to drive change. But they need help to do it. With an increasing risk appetite and a more value-led approach to investments, they need their advisors more than ever to assess opportunities and associated risks. They want them to go the extra mile and actively support them in all areas of their lives, providing a holistic approach to their problems.

A new type of advisor is needed. We hope this report will help private wealth advisors to understand what UHNW individuals want from them, while giving these individuals insight into how they can protect their future and tackle the issues they'll be facing in the years to come.